Saturday, October 24, 2009

new update

Hey ya. Feelin' like updating this blog. I'm goin' to edit this blog sooner or later.

if you want to catch up, I'm all out on my twitter and btw I change the url to /mianamira

For now life had been busy. Tests, tasks, study, books, paper, presentation, homework blablabla are eating all my free times. In love with my new friends and school not the subject

Still need to get used to this. Obviously.

So that's it,
Bye love!

Friday, July 24, 2009

singkat dan padat

so yeah im males to post any blog but i want to. so here's the short story

hari jumat ke bali hampir gagal berangkat garagara bom (!@@#@#$%^%@!!!)

sampe rabu di bali terus bolos sekolah gaikut LDK. hihi seru nyoba water sport. ngelewatin tempat bom di legian merinding disko zz

masuk hari kamis pake kemeja putih karena ga ada batik. jumat tadi masuk mau ke schoolympic tapi eke punya mama nyuruh beli alat sekolah jadi gabisa deh

terus sekarang lagi ngetik berusaha sesingkat2 nya karena males ha!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

right na na now

hey you people!!!!

uhhh i miss my blog a bit hehehe but i miss my friends even more!!!!!

so for the last 3 days i went to school we were doin' this thing called MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa) yeah it was not too hard but it made me tepos hauahuahua

yeah for the first 2 days all we do was sitting and listening to the teachers or our senior. it's fun actually butt hurts so bad huhu

luckily the MOS was pretty cool there's no sports or PBB although every morning we have to do our flag ceremony and after school we have to do 'Apel Pulang' but there was no physical thing so yeah, me likey ;p

on the second day i went to sushi-ya with some friends guess what? yeaaaah we went to labschool after that! aha aha i miss my friends like hell. we got there and it was very quite...krik krik... we found out that everybody were at the mosque. so me and achy go for a walk then to the teacher's room. audy and lina met us there...i hug 'em. and audy crieeed and that made achy cry and that made me wanna cry. huhuhu

we wait....we wait...we wait....

and they finisheeeeed!!! yeay

i hug 'em all and we talk like we haven't met for a year. me miss you people!

i promised i'll go there on thurs. so i went there and met 'em all again. and there's Jamilaaaaa. yeay i haven't met her for a while that made me really miss heeeeer

unfortunately on the third day there's placement test. they said it will determine where we study, the class i mean. and it was haaaaaaarrrrrdddddd. no no it's not hard but the time....suck ass. for math and science we only got 1 hour to finish our 40 questions test. for the english we only got half an hour for 50 questions!!! are you crazy people?

after that we have this 'senam/aerobik' thing going on. but it was super silly (sorry to say) we're like a bunch of retarded people hahahahha

then the game time. pretty fun. made me know all the people. socializing. yeah you know im not good at it. thank God there's achy hehe

well today i was supposed to go to Lembang with the tenth grader but im going to Balii!!!! soooo friggin' excited!! they're goin' to announce the class on tuesday. scared. haha well you know im not good at socializing sooo im scared that i will have no friends. super scared. wish me luck people. pleaseeeeee. thanks

tmrw i'm goin' to Bali at 5 pm i think and stay there for 6 days. hopefully i'll have a safe flight (fyi, im aerophobic heee) and have a nice vacation aaaaand dont catch the swine flu hehehe. ameeen

byebye me love ya!

Monday, July 6, 2009

pms disaster

well i guess you know what this is about. yeah....

im going to tell you how i act when im goin' through pms

it's kinda annoying i haaaaaaaateeee it. it doesn't feel like 'me' when that happens

first, i eat,eat,eat,eat,eat,eat,eat.... humm countless -_- the point is i eat nonstop! my tummy keeps grumbling and i have this weird craving about foods. i know exactly what i want. like....i want something spicy with something crunchy and there's mayonnaise served with it

second, i hate how i looked. i dont know why but i always feels ugly. i wanna tear up the mirror everytime i look at my self. rrrrrrrrr.

third, my skin get super sensitive. it get dry easily, itchy, red. yeah those annoying kind of stuff

fourth my tummy bulging up. like i haven't go to the toilet for days hahaha

fifth, my temper? ha ha. i can blow up for no reason! just because i feel like to

well theres a lot of things. im just too lazy to write it down hahaha byeeeeee


Sunday, July 5, 2009

got it?


remember before UAN my post was all about ' i want to get in to sman 8!wish me luck'

and thannnnkkkk God i got it. and of course thank you for wishing me luck and stuff

hihihi. im so happy. it was like a hell for the first 2 days because my NEM is pretty low and made my rank keep sliding down the floor but on the third day i got up as late as possible so i won't be 'deg-degan' all day long and asked my sister to see what place am i on. she told me it was 299!!!

so yeah for the rest 3 hours was like a torture for me. my face was all grumpy and my heart keeps on pounding.

and achy was like...'mi! pendaftaran tutup jam 3 tapi selesai pemasukan data jam 5! takut nih gue'

ohmy chy, my grade was lower than yours. you got nothin' to worry about. while me.... -_-

but my sister and brother wanted to go so i have to turn off the laptop and go. my face was all 'berlipetlipet' because i cant calm down! even tho they told me i'll got it

when i got home i turn on the laptop and open my PSB page. thank God it didn't move a rank. soooo yeah....i think....i got it!

with all the joy in the world,

Saturday, June 27, 2009


congratulation and celebration


udah officially SMA. im exciteeeeeeed

jadi kita dari hari rabu lalu nyiapnyiapin buat wisudaan. gladibersih , gladi kotor , bikin surat buat nyokap bokap, nyiapin baju seragam yang mau disumbangin dannnn siapin mental karena mau pisah


tadi pagi nyampe Kodam jaaaam 7an. absen terus kita disuruh baris. masuknya kea ribet abis gt. terus berdiri ada komandonya dll

terus sambutannya oh man banget super lamaaaaa. kalo kata refi orangnya pada curhat zz

pembagian piagam buat yang berprestasi dan abis itu dipanggilin buat dikalungin medali.

gt gt doang sih. tapi jadi berasa resmi gimanaaaaa gt hahaha

terus pulang tepar capek banget tapi disuruh nonton sodara eke ballet. so sorry i cant come ca. super tired. hope you win tho :)

terus dengan tibatiba chris memutuskan untuk kerumah eke. yasud datanglah dia. tapi harus pulang cepet mau ke acara temennya soalnya

terus sekarang eke bosen dan sedang menganggu kakak pacaran haha sabar ya kak

that's all folks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


liat gambar diatas deh. itu gue bikin sendiri loh cool ya. salah satu gambar bagus gue hahaha

oke itu masih tergolong jelek jadi sabar aja ya mi

seharian leyeleye doang nih. so unproductive

bosen men. besok rehearsal wisuda terus mau pergi transformers!!!!! yeeeaaah!!!

goodnight love,